Castra Global

Castra Global offices are based in Brisbane Australia, and are made up of a group of highly trained personnel.

We provide a variety of Security, Surveillance, Investigative and Close Personal Protection related services to Private, Corporate and Government organisations. We also offer Training Courses for Industry Related individuals and organisations.

A large portion of our work is covert, requiring patience, determination and discipline and we endeavour to provide the highest level of quality to our customers at all times. We have a solid proven track record based on result and strive to provide a level of service rarely matched in our industry.

All personnel working with or for Castra Global are highly trained, vetted and possess a wide and varying range of certifications in Security, CPP Close Personal Protection, Surveillance, Investigations and Government Fraud as well as Internationally recognised TCCC Tactical Combat Coronary Care certification and membership. 

We consider ourselves proficient, professional displaying the values, ethics and discreetness our industry demands.

“Be so subtle that you are invisible. Be so mysterious that you are intangible. Then you will control your rivals fate.“   (Sun Tzu the art of war)