Close personal protection

In a world where personal security is an increasing requirement, Castra Global has the sensitivity to understand and deliver your protective requirements. Australia has enjoyed a relatively free and easy way of life with VIP’S enjoying the freedom Australia has to offer. Castra Global knows how to blend in and keep you secure while not making a spectacle where necessary or alternatively provide a presence that is professional but with a no nonsense approach.


Your international requirements.

Castra Global can assist your travel in most countries outside Australia.

  • Africa
  • Middle East including Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Europe and the UK
  • Most areas of Asia and South America

Each country has its own unique protocol, laws and requirements that need to be adhered to. We know what to do and how to do it. You can trust Castra Global to deliver an up to date risk assessment and programme that meets your travel requirements.

Investigative services


Private sector investigations are become an ever increasing requirement in today’s business sector with wide and varying requirements.

Castra Global has conducted investigations into Fraud and counterfeiting, Staff and Competitor due diligence, Independent accident investigations and more.

Castra Global has a well equipped team that that delivers time and again to its customer. We consider ourselves professional leaders within our industry.

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Surveillance Operations


Surveillance is often the corner stone to any investigation. Information is power and Surveillance more often than not is how we obtain solid information or evidence.

Castra Global prides its self on its covert activities and the discrete manner in which we operate to protect the client. We are bound to you the customer by our operational professionalism and deliver results time and again. It is not uncommon for us to take on jobs that others don’t want or to clean up the mess lesser organisations. Accurate legal evidence is critical and we know how to get it and deliver reports and evidence accurately and complete. The sensitivity of Surveillance requires the best

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Training programs 

The business of Security, Investigations and Surveillance is rapidly changing. Technology is forever increasing and the general public is armed with tremendous powers however becoming increasingly poor at situational awareness. Traditionally our industry is closely guarded and our Field craft training and techniques are either protected by prior training or at least reserved in order to protect.

Castra Global dose however recognise that Government, Corporate and private sectors desire to increase their skill sets, become more modernised and develop well trained professional officers and therefore require outside trainers to help train and guide transforming organisations though this process.

Castra Global regularly holds Industry related training courses in Investigations, Surveillance, Close Personal Protection, and related topics. We have standard training programmes designed to deliver current techniques to participants comprising a blend of class room and field training. We have also delivered customer courses tailored to the specific needs of that organisation. Our courses are always well received and our material is of the highest standard. A wide range of Technical equipment is used daily in our day to day activities and is always made available to course participants to use and train with.

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